Costech Technologies Inc.

About Our Company

Costech offers a variety of online software solutions including e-learning in specific fields such as online driver’s education and industrial safety training, as well as e-learning solutions for any organization with training or reporting needs. Our products are flexible and customizable to each organizations needs.

People of Costech

Paul Skulmoski
Paul Skulmoski,  President of Costech Technologies Inc.
Barbara Jasinski
Barbara Jasinski,  Secretary Tresurer of Costech Technologies Inc.
Michael Laplume
Michael Laplume,  VP Marketing and Sales

Mr. Laplume is Costech’s VP Marketing and Sales and heads our business development program.  Michael holds a degree in Sales and Marketing.  With over 9 years experience in the field of distance education.  Michael has been involved in many projects including the implementation of Costech’s online driver education program in 6 states and has coordinated the online Health and Safety systems.