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No chat bots and no long wait times – we believe in providing our services the “good old fashioned” way! One of our goals is to ensure that our users are cared for, which means being available to our students and their parents.
We have several staff members manning the phones, we have a live help system which allows you to chat “live” with a Customer Care agent and we have qualified teachers who have owned their own driving schools and have worked in the Driver’s Education field for over 20 years.
This combination of experience and dedicated staff makes our customer service unparalleled.

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Security is Our Concern

Every site is encrypted from end to end. This is the standard method of protection; however, we also use SSL Certificates to add an extra layer of protection to all of our sites.
Furthermore, no personal or sensitive information is kept on our main servers. Instead, this information is securely saved in a vault, which can only be accessed by two Senior Staff members. This secured server can only be accessed in particular situations.
We are more than just careful with our data - we protect it at all times!


Good Connectivity with Servers

Our connectivity with our servers is handled by a major company, which meets all of our bandwidth requirements.
We have twelve Hewlett Packard servers, all Gen 8. Each server has 128 gig of ram.
With this, we are able to adequately handle all of our clients, whether it be Distance Training for Safety Protocols for safety companies or the thousands of students that use our software for Driver Training.
Our record is impeccable and we strive to always improve and be informed and educated on new technology.



There are many reasons that contribute to Costech Technologies being a thriving force for over 35 years.
For one, our Help System is considered by many to be the best. We have also been congratulated and honored by many states and we greatly appreciate the recognition that we receive. We are known for our prompt service and proactive leadership, which allows us to resolve a problem in the most efficient way.
Should you have any questions, please contact our Tech Support Team from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, Monday to Friday. You may also send an email to techsupport@costech.com


Our journey started in 1982, when our first company named Coptel was founded. Coptel, also known as Co-Op Telecommunications, was originally developed for distance training, over the Web. However, at that time, the developed software was too progressive and not compatible with the current Web speed, which meant that adjustments needed to be made. In 1994, the Web had drastically changed, which is when we decided to try again. From there, Coptel became Costech Technologies.