18 years

of experience in ONLINE TRAINING

7 states

have approved our Driver Education Course

48 000 students/year

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What makes US different?

We are the right combination of fun and interactive for the students, guiding and helpful to the parents, and flexible yet regulation abiding for the driving schools. Our staffs’ expertise makes us shine in the online driver education industry.

We focus on teaching teens to be safe and better drivers and are extremely proud of our students and their success.


Who are we?

Costech Technologies has been a leader in online training for over 18 years specializing in educational material and delivery systems. Our online driver education system is currently approved and used in 7 States and serves over 48,000 students per year.

Behind the Costech name are Peter and Barb: they are the ones who drive our quest to be ever present and innovative in the online drivers education course arena. Through working with our online customer support team, meeting state representatives and driving school directors and teachers, they ensure that Costech is always keeping up with new technologies, information, and regulations.


Our offer is simple:

We can put our vast knowledge to work in order to cater to your specific needs.