About Us


Costech Technologies opened its doors on a bright sunny day in 1994. Despite only having three employees, our goal was to leave a creative and unique footprint in the massive pool of products that were already in the market.

Our first program, called GRABIT, allowed for a user to capture an image that is on the screen and save it as a JPG. In order to test our software, we decided to offer it to everyone, free of charge. Before we knew it, over 687,000 copies had been downloaded.

From there, we started creating and building different software for the US Markets; specializing in Educational Material and Delivery Systems. Currently, our software and delivery systems are being used across multiple states and we teach over 48,000 students every year on how to be safe and better drivers.

Given that everything can be completed online, users can take a course at their own speed and level of comprehension. It is extremely important to us to ensure that a user feels supported and guided while taking a course, all while having the flexibility to learn at one’s own pace.

We are extremely proud of our students and their success. It is our continuous pleasure to be able to work with our students, with the administration from major school systems and with the owners of independent schools.

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