Privacy Policy and Terms of Service

Account Creation – Manual Creation

The creation of accounts for Client administrators, teachers and students is created manually. The required information needed for each state is adjusted to that state’s requirements for Driver’s Education and if applicable, for students Completion Certificates.

Client and Student Data Confidentiality

To meet all Federal and State statutes and regulations, COSTECH will NOT use any clients and/or students confidential or course information for its own account or the account of any third party, except as expressly permitted under the Client-COSTECH Agreement or if COSTECH is required to do so by law.

Records and Confidentiality of Student Information

COSTECH agrees that all student records obtained in the course of providing services to clients and students shall be subject to the confidentiality and disclosure provisions that are applicable to Federal and State statutes and regulations. COSTECH shall not forward to any person, student records, including but not limited to, the student’s identity, except as expressly permitted under the Client-COSTECH Agreement or if COSTECH is required to do so by law.

Data Security

Student personal information is encrypted and can only be retrieved and viewed through the reporting features of the COSTECH program. Any and all information is only accessible by an Administrator or Teacher that has been granted the proper authorization. Such instances include but are not limited to, modifications to personal information, progress reports and logs, and if applicable, creation of Completion Certificates.

Data Deletion

State statutes and regulations for the maintenance and deletion of Client student records may vary between states. When a student completes their course, their records are maintained for the required time-period before deletion. Under specific situations where the client maintains their own records, deletion of system records can be done upon written request. A letter must be submitted to COSTECH by an authorized representative of the Client, which includes the request, the date and time required for deletion and any term they require.